This Dog in a Baby Carrier at Phillies Game Is Chill AF (Video)

dog in a baby carrier at phillies game

For millennia we human beings have been fighting each other for wealth and power. We’ve established entire religions and philosophies to search for the meaning of life. We’ve written poems, composed symphonies, and painted pictures dedicated to beauty itself. We’ve used science to cure diseases and invent miraculous devices that make our lives on this earth better.

And still, despite all our efforts, not one of us will ever be as happy and content as this motherf*#%ing dog in a baby carrier at the Wednesday’s Phillies-Astros spring training game.

Seriously, just look at this dog.

dog in baby carrier

This animal has sh*t figured out. Somehow it has convinced a fully grown human male to carry it around on his chest and feed him tiny doggy sips of ice-cold spring water while taking in a baseball game.

If space aliens were observing us they’d be like, prepare the landing ship, we must send an emissary to speak with this tiny curly-haired creature at once, for clearly it is in charge around here.

This chill dog is my f*#%ing spirit animal.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]

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