Journalist Threatened for Photographing Top Secret Adidas Running Shoes…Which Were on Public Display in the Middle of Downtown Chicago

adidas photo shoot running shoes downtown chicago

On Wednesday morning in the middle of downtown Chicago, the third-largest city in America, Adidas staged a little photo shoot for some new running shoes that involved spraying a bunch of man-made snow all over the intersection of Dearborn and Lake. Seeing as how it was 60 degrees and sunny, it drew quite a crowd of onlookers. And nobody really had any problem with them taking photos.

However, when Chicago Tribune photographer Anthony Souffle showed up and started taking pictures, a member of the crew came up and told him he couldn’t take photos because the shoes had not launched yet. When Souffle explained that, in fact, he had every right to photograph something that was taking place in the middle of the street at 10 o’clock in the morning, things got ugly.

Here’s Souffle in his own words:

As I tried to take another photograph, a woman from the crew grabbed my camera and tried to block me from photographing the model wearing the Adidas shoes. As I tried to move away from her, a man with a fake snow machine on his back told me if he wasn’t working right now that he’d “take care” of me, whatever that means, before pointing his fake snow gun at my camera and spraying me. Then the person holding a studio flash at the end of a boom pole turned the light from the model to my camera lens, blasting the flash in my face. Others shouted obscenities at me and told me I was disgusting and a paparazzo.

Yikes, man. I don’t expect techies working a photo shoot to be constitutional experts with regard to freedom of the press. But it would be nice if they weren’t huge a-holes.

Here are the utterly ordinary-looking top secret running shoes they so desperately didn’t want you to see:

adidas running shoes photo shoot downtown chicago threatened

Honestly, I’d think this was all part of some viral marketing campaign if it didn’t make Adidas look like a bunch of d-bags.

Hat Tip – [Chicago Tribune via Deadspin]

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