Unconfirmed Report: Nicki Minaj Leaked the Nick Young Video to Get Back at Iggy Azalea

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If the latest report about the Nick Young cheating confession are true, we may have a female version of the DrakeMeek Mill beef on our hands.

You know the story up to here. Last week rumors spread online that there was a video of Lakers “star” Nick Young confessing to cheating on his fiancée, Australian “rapper” Iggy Azalea. When that video appeared, it was clear that Lakers point guard of the future D’Angelo Russell was behind it. And that revelation set off a massive shitstorm. So now everybody hates D’Angelo Russell.

Of course, Russell apologized. He said people record themselves doing stupid stuff all the time, and that he never intended for the video to get out. And that sounds reasonable, since even an idiot like D’Angelo Russell would realize that he would be ostracized if the video got out. (Though if you used the word ostracized while speaking to him, he’d probably think you were talking about a large flightless bird.)

So how did the video get out? According to gossip blogger Fameolous, who called into ESPN 97.5 Houston on Tuesday, Nicki Minaj was behind it.

Here’s what Fameolous had to say:

Everyone got the story wrong. Last week, Iggy took a couple shots at Nicki Minaj on Bravo TV by basically saying that Nicki didn’t write her own raps. The next day Russell had the video on his Snapchat Someone at Nicki Minaj’s camp recorded it and sent it in. They said put this out cause Iggy want to talk mess about Nicki, put this out and let Iggy know what her fiancé is doing…It had nothing to do with the basketball players.

There are problems with this theory—especially the claim that Nicki Minaj’s “people” got the video from D’Angelo Russell’s Snapchat. (Snapchat videos are only 10 seconds long?! Why didn’t everyone on the internet see the video on Snapchat?!) But the idea that Nicki Minaj exposed Nick Young to get back at Iggy Azalea? Well, I certainly hope it’s true, because that would be awesome.

It’s been months since we had a good rap feud.

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