Deleted Nick Young Tweets Complain About “Too Much Fake” and “Tattle Taling”…and “McDonalds Breakfast Bowls” (Pics)

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I don’t envy Nick Young right now. The guy finds himself in a pretty difficult situation. Swaggy P’s trust and privacy were violated by teammate D’Angelo Russell, which must be pretty infuriating. And yet he really can’t complain about it too much, seeing as how he violated the trust of his fiancée Iggy Azalea.

Unfortunately, Swaggy is a millennial, so not Tweeting about this ordeal is really hard. And sometimes he just can’t help himself.

Take a look at this tweet he sent out yesterday afternoon:

nick young tweet too much fake
Ah yes. Too much fake. I think Iggy would agree with Swaggy there…which is probably why he deleted it shortly after posting it.

A little while later, though, he offered up some thoughts on the crazy state of the world in 2016:

nick young tweet mcdonalds 2016
It’s not terrorism or the rise of Donald Trump that troubles Swaggy. It’s McDonald’s breakfast bowls and cheaters getting caught on social media.

Once again, not many people are going to sympathize with Swaggy on the cheaters thing, so he later deleted that one as well.

The takeaways here? One, either Nick Young’s autocorrct is out of control, or his command of English is very poor. (McDonald’s sells breakfast bowls, Nick.) Two, maybe Nick Young should just take a break from sharing his deep thoughts on Twitter for a while.

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