Iowa St. Football Players Rescued a Woman from a Sinking Car

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Believe it or not, football players on spring break CAN do good things. Earlier this week, some Iowa State football players were vacationing near South Padre, Texas, when they saw a woman in a car that was slowly sliding into the Laguna Madre canal. They immediately jumped into the water to begin to break the windshield. Though it didn’t give right away, eventually they made a hole in it big enough to pull her out.

Luisa Maria Castro, the woman in distress, is offering a debt of gratitude to the players, saying, ““I have no words to express how appreciative I am of them. Even when I messaged them, I still felt that the words or what I was saying to them to thank them and how grateful I was…it just felt like that wasn’t enough.”

As for the players, it sounds like they’ve had enough spring break:

Hat Tip – [FoxSports]

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