Allen Iverson Not A Fan Of People Making Jokes About The Tyronn Lue Step Over (Video)


The year was 2001, when Philadelphia 76ers guard Allen Iverson shocked the world when he dropped 48 points in game 1 of the finals defeating the surging Lakers who hadn’t lost a game in the playoffs up until that point.

In the final seconds, Iverson gave the world an image that would live on forever when he crossed up Tyronn Lue, drained the shot and then stepped over him.

Fast forward to 2016 and the image is photoshopped anytime something happens in the world of sports and Iverson is not a fan of the jokes.

“I don’t like it because I love him. I don’t like people joking on him and all that, because that’s my man.”

After he found out Lue finds humor in the photoshopped pictures, he changed his tune.

“Okay, cool then, then I can have fun with it then. I didn’t even know I did it. I was in the moment. Just like everybody talks about the Jordan crossover, I ain’t remember that. I was just playing.”



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