Brett Favre Admits To Not Knowing What A Nickel Defense Was: “Who Gives A Sh*t?” (Video)


Probably not something you want to hear from your starting quarterback, that they didn’t know what a certain type of defense was. That was the case for a young Brett Favre during his second year as QB for the Green Bay Packers.


“I think it was my second year in Green Bay and we’d drafted Ty Detmer, a good friend of mine. … He and I got along great. Mark Brunell was the other quarterback. Both those guys started for quite a while in the league. Great guys…

“Now if you don’t know what’s going on, the trick is to act like you do. I’m the starting quarterback and (Mike) Holmgren would be up there and … he’s writing “nickel defense is in.” … I’m sitting there and thinking ‘I hear this nickel defense all the time and I’m not sure what it is.’

Then I’m thrown for a loop when he says ‘Long yardage situation, dime comes in.’ And I’m thinking ‘what the hell is dime?’ … but I was afraid to ask, because I’m the starter. So after about our second year, finally I said ‘Ty, I have to ask you a question.’

I said ‘Ty, what’s a nickel defense.’ He gets real quiet and says ‘Are you serious?’ I said ‘yeah, I’m serious.’ He says ‘Well, basically they take out a linebacker and bring in a DB.’

I said ‘that’s it?’ He said ‘That’s it.’ I said ‘Who gives a sh–?'”


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