Byron Scott On Nick Young: “He’s Not Here With Us Mentally”

Nick Young

It seems as if Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young is still going through the motions after his trust with teammate D’Angelo Russell was broken after he recorded him saying he cheated on his Fiance’ and it somehow got uploaded to social media.

The leaked video dominated headlines for almost a week as almost every athlete from different sports had a say in the matter.

“It has nothing to do with the chemistry,” Scott told reporters Monday, refuting suggestions that the move was an attempt to avoid problems with Russell. “It has everything to do with just basketball.”

Scott added that Young was “not here with us mentally.”

“It was all based on because I know how he’s feeling right now. He’s not really here with us,” Scott said.

Nick Young is already shooting a career-low 33.9 percent from deep and reports are the Los Angeles Lakers will part with him this off season. Just another punch to the gut of Swaggy P and this season winds down.

“It’s been tough. This is probably the icing on the cake as far as how tough it can be,” Scott said. “He didn’t get off to a great start. His shooting has not been what it has been in the past. It went even a little downhill to the last couple of months. The situation last week didn’t help. We all as coaches, players and everybody feel for him and we understand the situation he’s in. It’s a tough situation.”

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