Greg Hardy Interview: “I Never Put My Hand on ANY Woman” (Video)

Greg Hardy Interview Adam Schefter

NFL free agent defensive end Greg Hardy recently sat down with ESPN’s Adam Schefter to answer some questions about his troubled past.  One of those questions was with regards to his domestic violence charges following an altercation with his ex-girlfriend back in May 2014.

Hardy’s answer to whether or not he hit his ex-girlfriend?  “I never put my hand on any woman in my whole entire life.”

We’ve seen photos that show the bruises Hardy left on his ex-girlfriend.  He was even found guilty by a judge for assault and communicating threats, and he only got off after his ex-girlfriend failed to testify at his appeal—presumably because she was paid off by Hardy.

So what are we to make of Hardy’s most recent comments on the situation?  Sounds like more lies to me.  I guess the dude still hasn’t learned a thing.

You can watch Hardy claim him innocence while speaking with Adam Schefter in the video below (via ESPN):

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