Justin Bieber Wears Gretzky Rangers Sweater at iHeartRadio Awards Just to Piss Everybody Off (Pics)

The Juno Awards (a.k.a. the Canadian Grammies) were held Sunday night in Calgary, and Canadian Justin Bieber got booed by fans when he won the “Fan Favorite” award.

Why? Because he wasn’t there. The 22-year-old Stratford, Ontario, native was in Los Angeles at something called the iHeartRadio Awards instead, performing some tunes, collecting some stupid looking statues, and looking like a total douchenozzle.

Seriously, look at this hilarious getup:

justin bieber iheartradio outfit

And how about these awesome dreds:

bieber dreds

“But hey,” you say, hands gesticulating angrily, “this is a sports blog! What does this have to do with sports?!”

Well, I’ll show you what it has to do with sports:

Casual observers might say, “Oh look at that, Bieber was wearing a hockey shirt as a nod to his Canadian heritage.” But casual observers would be wrong.

One, it’s a sweater, not a shirt. Two, wearing a #99 New York Rangers sweater is sacrilegious. Gretzky did not achieve his greatest success in New York. That was the last damn team he played for after he was all washed up. If you want to honor the Great One and your Canadian heritage, you wear a damn #99 Edmonton Oilers sweater—or, if you’re from Calgary and you can’t stomach that, a #99 Team Canada sweater.

Hell, even a #99 Kings sweater would have been better than a #99 Rangers sweater. At least that would have appeased the natives in LA.

Come on, Bieber.

Hat Tip – [Daily Mail]

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