Kobe Bryant Throws Down a Two-Handed Dunk, Scores 34 Points in Final Game vs. Celtics (Video)


While the Celtics-Lakers rivalry may not be what it once was in the 1980s, both teams did jockey for the number one spot in the league for a few years during the 2000s. And Kobe Bryant was a key figure during those epic battles (specifically, during the 2008 and 2010 NBA Finals).

Last night, an era came to a close as Kobe Bryant took to the court for the last time against his team’s cross-country rivals, and he gave the audience a look at what they’ll be missing from the rivalry in future years with this two-handed breakaway dunk:

Bryant and the Lakers weren’t able to pull out a “W” from the matchup, but the star was able to tally up 34 points, a game-high, in the outing. According to coach Byron Scott, Kobe was “dead serious” for the entire game, a look the coach hadn’t seen from the player for much of this season.

I guess the reality of his departure might be setting in over the course of these final few games.

Photo via Getty.

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