Mark Jackson Throws Shade on Former Warriors Assistant While Talking About D’Angelo Russell-Nick Young Situation (Video)

mark jackson throws shade former warriors assistant coach darren erman

During ESPN’s broadcast of the Rockets-Thunder game on Sunday, coaches-turned-analysts Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson took a break from talking about the basketball game being played right in front of them to the discuss the unsavory D’Angelo RussellNick Young situation.

At the end of that little discussion, when it seemed like they were finished, Jackson threw in one last thing. The vast majority of fans watching at home probably wouldn’t have thought anything of it—if not for the fact that is cracked Van Gundy up.

“The good news for him,” Jackson said, referring to D’Angelo Russell, “is he very well one day could be an associate coach in this league.”

Take a listen:

What the hell was that about?

Well, two years ago, before the Warriors fired Jackson and replaced with him Steve Kerr, the team fired assistant coach Darren Erman right before the playoffs. And at first it seemed really weird, like maybe the coaching staff was in turmoil.

However, it turned out later that Erman had been recording conversations between coaches and players without their knowledge. It’s unclear what Erman did with the recordings, or what he intended to do. But the Warriors pretty much had to fire him.

As you probably know, it was discovered last week that D’Angelo Russell recorded a video of teammate Nick Young in which the veteran talks about cheating on his finacée, Iggy Azalea—a situation that has caused all sorts of problems for the Lakers. So you see the D’Angelo Russell-Darren Erman connection.

Sick burn, Mark Jackson.

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