WrestleMania 32 Started Late Because the AT&T Stadium WIFI Went Down and Fans Couldn’t Get In (Pics + Videos)

lineup outside at&t stadium wrestlemania 32 (at&t stadium wifi wrestlemania 32)

If you happened to watch WrestleMania 32 from the comfort of your own home on Sunday, you probably noticed that it did not start on time. And you probably also noticed that, when it did start, AT&T Stadium looked about empty.

So what was up with that?

Well, it turns out the fans were actually there on time. They just couldn’t get into the stadium. Instead, they were stuck outside for hours, as the lines grew longer and longer:

Not surprisingly, fans eventually voiced their displeasure at the excessive wait times with chants of “LET US IN! LET US IN!”:

The WWE tried to be optimistic about the situation:

But eventually they issued a statement attributing the long lines to “enhanced security.”

However, reports from the ground indicated that the stadium’s WIFI went out, which meant the ticket scanners weren’t working.

Not surprisingly, some fans just couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a good burn:

Fortunately, everybody got in eventually, and professional wrestling was enjoyed by all.


Hat Tip – [Wrestling Inc, FTW]

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