Broncos Derek Wolfe Throws Punch, Takes Bottle to the Head During Nightclub Brawl (Videos)

Derek Wolfe Nightclub Brawl

When it comes to celebrating their Super Bowl 50 championship from earlier this year, it’s been a case of “to each Bronco, his own.”

Allow me to explain.  You see, at one end of the spectrum, you have guys like Von Miller, who’s been everywhere from the Grammys to Dancing With the Stars, and Peyton Manning, who followed up the Denver Broncos’ Super Bowl victory by hanging up the cleats for good.

And at the other end of the spectrum, there’s Broncos defensive end Derek Wolfe, who’s spending his offseason getting into nightclub brawls and taking bottles to the head.

TMZ has footage of Wolfe throwing a punch and getting hit in the head with a bottle during a brawl inside a Denver nightclub on Saturday.

Following the incident, Wolfe’s agent told TMZ that his client “did not provoke the fight. He was trying to protect a friend. His recollection is that he was hit from the back with an object when he wasn’t looking.”

Police were not called to the scene and no reports were filed. The Broncos are said to be aware of the incident and they claim that they’re handling it internally.

Here’s a look at the videos of the incident, via TMZ—with Wolfe throwing a punch in the first, and taking a bottle to the head in the second:

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