Greg Hardy Tells Adam Schefter He’s Innocent in Interview, Says ‘Pictures are Pictures’ (Video)

Greg Hardy Adam Schefter Interview

Yesterday, we showed a clip of Greg Hardy claiming he never put his hands “on any woman” in his entire life.  Most people weren’t buying it and some even found his comments to be offensive.

Well, if they thought that was bad, wait until they hear the rest of Hardy’s interview with Adam Schefter.

ESPN released the footage today, which includes comments from Hardy like, “I’m an innocent man,”and  “I’ve been proven not guilty.”

When asked by Schefter to explain his domestic violence case, Hardy did his best to dodge the question (transcript via PFT):

“I don’t think I want to get into a situation like that. It’s in the past. I want to say that I’m an innocent man, I’ve been proven not guilty, and it’s a situation that’s in my past. And I feel like, as a grown man, as a football player of my caliber there are situations, inside that situation, where it has nothing to do with the situation, but I could have done better. I should have done better.”

And when he was asked about the photos that seem to prove his guilt, the best answer Hardy could come up with was this:

“Pictures are pictures and they can be made to look like whatever they want to.”

To sum things up, this interview probably did a lot more harm than good for the unemployed defensive end.

If you forgot what a giant douchebag Greg Hardy was, you can refresh your memory by watching the following two clips from his interview with Adam Schefter:

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