Michelle Beadle Criticizes Adam Schefter and ESPN For Giving Greg Hardy A Platform (Video)

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Former Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy is unemployed and reportedly on a ‘redemption tour’ to get a team to take another chance on him. ESPN & Adam Schefter gave him that chance as the reporter interviewed the controversial figure and Hardy did nothing to help his cause by denying that he had ever put his hands on any woman.

ESPN reporter Adam Schefter may have rubbed some people the wrong way with his comments about Hardy being a ‘Changed kind of guy’. SportsNation’s Michelle Beadle let her thoughts be known once she heard these comments from her co-worker.

Tuesday on SportsNation, Michelle Beadle addressed that interview and said that she doesn’t like the platform her company gave Hardy:

“I feel dirty in that this guy has no job right now, and for some reason we’ve decided as a network that we’re going to give him the stage for his redemption tour as he basically goes out and tries to find some employment,” Michelle Beadle said on Tuesday’s SportsNation. “I don’t understand why we’re doing that. If he wants to figure out a way to get his message out there — which by the way, he hasn’t said he did anything wrong, so how a man is supposed to convince anybody he’s changed and yet not admit to actually doing anything? I have no idea. But why we’re giving him the forum to go out there and tell anybody that is where I’m a little bit confused.”


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