NFL Will Stream Thursday Night Games on Twitter, Roger Goodell Tweets


Roger Goodell hasn’t been very active on social media the past couple years. His hiatus started, not coincidentally, with the Ray Rice scandal, but he went back to Twitter yesterday to make the announcement that the NFL will stream its Thursday night games on Twitter.

Is Twitter an odd choice? It is. But given the amount of control that the NFL wanted to maintain over its broadcasts, it wasn’t likely that they would partner with juggernauts like YouTube or Facebook.

It’s unclear exactly how the broadcasts will work, since people aren’t really used to watching things live on Twitter, but Goodell did his best to skirt that fact with this little hype video:

You can think of this as more of a Tindr date between the NFL and their new streaming platform, rather than a huge relationship right out of the gate.  But there’s always the possibility of something longterm developing from this.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

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