John Oliver Put Two Dudes in Ninja Turtles Costumes Behind Home Plate For the Yankees Home Opener (Pic + Video)

Ninja Turtles Yankee Stadium

Prior to the start of the 2016 MLB season, the New York Yankees instituted a rule eliminating the use of print-at-home tickets.

This obviously irked the public, but Yankees chief operating officer Lonn Trost had a perfectly good explanation, claiming that this will decrease the chances of poor people getting to sit with the upper class.  Seriously.


Trost told WFAN, “The problem below market at a certain point is that if you buy a ticket in a very premium location and pay a substantial amount of money. It’s not that we don’t want that fan to sell it, but that fan is sitting there having paid a substantial amount of money for their ticket and [another] fan picks it up for a buck-and-a-half and sits there, and it frustrates the purchaser of the full amount.”

Trost then added a comment that raised eyebrows on social media because of its seemingly elitist undertones. “And quite frankly,” he said, “the fan may be someone who has never sat in a premium location. So that’s a frustration to our existing fan base.”

Those comments only seemed to add fuel to the fire. One man who wasn’t having any more of the Yankees’ elitist bullshit was John Oliver. On his show, Last Week Tonight, he offered up two front row tickets behind home plate for each of the team’s first three games at a cost of just 25 cents a piece.

The catch? You had to dress like you never sat in a premium seat in your life. Whoever had the best outfits would get a pair of tickets to one of the Yankees first three games:

First up were these two dudes, who were sporting Ninja Turtles costumes to the Yankees’ home opener against the Houston Astros earlier today:

I can’t wait to see what Wednesday and Thursday’s contest winners have to offer.

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