Police Horse Was Assaulted During Villanova’s Celebration Last Night (Video)

villanova party

Villanova cancelled classes and the police made a half-dozen arrests as revelers took to the streets to celebrate the Wildcats’ win over North Carolina last night.

A total of 25 people were injured (none seriously, it would seem) during the festivities, and a police officer said one of the arrests was the result of a man assaulting a police horse.

No further details were given, but let your imagination run wild with that last bit of news.

In what’s becoming a standard scene after college wins and losses, the police stood by in riot gear as students took to the streets and climbed light poles for no good reason.

Here’s some context-free footage of the celebration from the sky:

As you can see, the other mainstay of college celebrations, small bonfires, were also in full force.

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