Rays Beat Jays On…Walk-Off Slide Rule Violation??? (Video)

Jose Bautista Slide Rule Violation

Trailing 3-2 in the top of the ninth with the bases loaded and one out, the Toronto Blue Jays thought they had just pulled ahead of the Rays, 4-3, when Logan Forsythe‘s attempt to turn a 5-4-3 game-ending double-play resulted in an errant throw that got past first baseman Logan Morrison.

However, upon further review it was determined that Jose Bautista‘s slide at second “hindered and impeded” Forsythe’s throw to first base.  Bautista was ruled out at second.  Edwin Encarnacion was ruled out at first.  And both Blue Jays runs were negated.

Final Score: Rays 3, Jays 2.

Here’s a look at the play:

After the game, Bautista didn’t seem pleased with the call:

“My feet were aiming straight at the bag. I felt like I was within reach. I didn’t go directly at him. As far as I understood, I was assuming contact was still OK and obstructing his path was still OK as long as you stayed within reach of the bag and your feet were headed towards the bag. I feel like I respected the rule, felt like it was absolutely a clean slide. It’s just disappointing and somewhat embarrassing to lose a Major League Baseball game [that way].”

Jays manager John Gibbons also took a moment to voice his disapproval:

“It’s a shame. I get the intent [of the rule], you go after somebody, you hurt somebody, I get that. But that’s good baseball, that has been baseball forever. Maybe they just want them to run and get out of the way. I don’t know.”

Luckily this is only game 3 of 162. I’d hate to see what would happen is something like this unfolded during Game 7 of the World Series.

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