Of Course Patriots Fans Are Suing the NFL Over the Deflategate Punishment

pats fans

A group of Patriots fans that seem to be enjoying too much time and money are taking the NFL to court. Or, at least they’re trying. One of the suit-bringers is a season ticket holder from Connecticut who says the whole scandal has left his seven-year-old daughter “disillusioned.”


Almost as laughable is a grown man from Florida who claims that the proceedings have brought him undue stress and difficulty sleeping.

(It sounds like these Pats fans are giant losers, doesn’t it?)

The suit they brought, which is largely deemed groundless by not just experts, but anyone with a decent, functioning brain, also names Robert Kraft as a defendant, so I’m sure this will go a long way towards endearing the litigants to the team they claim to love.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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