Braves Pitcher John Gant Gives a Windup That’s a Real Head-Scratcher (Video)


John Gant is a rookie, so it’s understandable that the Braves pitcher would be a little nervous when he took the field for the first time in the 9th inning last night. What’s less understandable is how it seems that nervousness manifested itself.

He didn’t throw up or launch a ball into a dugout. Instead, his windup took about 9 stutter steps, then a false start, then the pitch, which was decently down the middle.

Was that last false start a balk? I’m pretty sure I’ll go through the rest of my life without really understanding what a balk is.

Oh, and to be clear, as we saw Gant pitch through the inning, we realized…that’s actually his normal windup. He does it every time.

That should keep the batter’s sense of timing in the gutter for the next season or so.

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