Kobe Bryant: “Losing Is Losing, You Either Win A Championship Or You’re Sh*t”


Unfortunately for the 5-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant, his last season will end on a sour note as he will finish his tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers with the worst record the franchise has ever had.

Kobe plans to go down shooting even if that means losing and the last three seasons for the Lakers has been nothing but losing.

“It’s hard for people to understand this, but losing is losing,” Bryant said, according to ESPN’s Baxter Holmes. “You either win a championship or you’re shit. It’s very black and white to me … you either win a championship or you’re in the same boat we’re in.”

That ‘boat’ Kobe is referring to has been sinking for 3 years now. Kobe still wants to put on a show for the fans as a thank you regardless of their record.

“I just try to get my body ready as much as possible to try to give the fans what they want for these last few games,” Bryant said. “And God willing, I’m healthy and I can move and I can play well enough and I can give them what they came to see one more time.”

Bryant feels for the talented young players on the team that sometimes get booed if they don’t give him the ball and they shoot it.

“I feel bad for the other guys, because every time they shoot the ball, they get booed,” Bryant said. “Honestly, I couldn’t imagine if I was in that situation and I was playing with (Michael Jordan). You’d almost have to beat me up to not pass him the ball. But I will defer. I’ll just come out and play the game and tell the guys, ‘play the game.’

“This is what I’m here for, one more time, to just play the game.”

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