Soren Kjeldsen’s Son Pulls Out a Happy Gilmore Celebration after Draining a Putt (Video)

bull dance

Soren Kjeldsen is a golfer, which means that his kids probably get treated to the golf classics (Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore, mandatory Arnold Palmers at all meals) at an earlier age than most other folks do.

So it’s no surprise that Kjeldsen’s son, dressed like a milkman from 1958, pulled out the bull dance after sinking a putt at the Masters Par-3 Contest.

He must have been feeling the flow. He was working it. Working it.

It was a little surprising, however, that his son was able to sink such a tricky putt in front of what I assume is a big crowd. But he did.

Check it out:

My only criticism is that the dance was a little short. You need at least 10 seconds to really sell it, kid.

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