Tar Heels Fan Starts Petition To Reverse Results of 2016 NCAA Championship


There’s levels to being salty about the outcome of a sporting event. What this North Carolina Tar Heels fan did after his team lost the National Championship at the buzzer to Villanova registers as dead sea salty.

This guy wasn’t just mad online and angrily typing, he actually took the time to create a petition to the National Collegiate Athletic Association to overturn the outcome of the game altogether. 

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The petition reads as:

“This game was poorly officiated from the tip off to the end. It was a one sided called game all the way through. The officials called fouls against UNC that should have not been called and never called Villanova for the fouls they committed. The officials never called Villanova for multiple travel violations either. Also I want a complete investigation into the officials as it was them that decided the game not who played better.”

Petition update:

“Apr 7, 2016 — We are standing up Tarheels. We have now had an article done on 247 Sports and I have an interview tonight with Channel 14 news out of Raleigh, NC”

Check out the entire petition here.

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