Andrew Goudelock Inbounds Ball Off Butt of Injured Josh Smith (Video)

Andrew Goudelock inbounds ball off ass of injured josh smith

The Houston Rockets, a team that was supposed to be a legitimate contender this season after reaching the Western Conference Finals last year, have been an absolute joke. What little chemistry there was between superstars James Harden and Dwight Howard is completely gone, and on any given night only half the team actually tries. The fact that they’re only one-and-a-half games out of eighth place with three games remaining is actually some kind of miracle.

Until now, if you wanted one single play to sum up the Rockets’ season, you had to choose from this one, or maybe this one. But today we have a new winner. If you want one single play to sum up the Rockets’ terrible season, it has to be this one:

That’s right. Last night, during a 124-115 loss to the Suns, while Josh Smith was doubled over in pain after getting poked in the eye, Andrew Goudelock inbounded the ball off his ass.


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