High School Pitcher Casually Barehands a Screaming Line Drive (Video)

austin trace line drive

This kid’s name is Austin Trace. I don’t know if he’s much of a pitcher, but he sure does have some guts. Without even thinking, the Canal Winchester (Ohio) pitcher reached out to snag a vicious line drive heading just over his right shoulder.

In case you’re thinking that amazing catches are the only thing that Austin Trace is about, think again. He’s also a master of the humblebrag, practically begging people to ask him about his “cool play.”

Jeez, Austin. You really messed this one up. Seeing a humble teenager doesn’t sit well, because we all know it’s fake. You should have just stopped after “tonight.” Let the world know you made a cool play, send it to everyone you know, and then buy a Facebook ad to let even MORE people know what you did.

You can’t send your clip to Sportscenter and call it “no big deal.” You have to pick one.

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