Odell’s Cousin Terron Beckham Impresses Scouts at His Own Personal Pro Day (Videos)

Odell Beckham Jr cousin Terron Beckham impressive pro day

When I first heard that Odell Beckham had a 23-year-old cousin who was trying to get into the NFL Draft, even though he hadn’t played football in five years, I thought he was just some delusional jackass trying to capitalize on his cousin’s fame.

But when I actually saw Terron Beckham I realized he definitely is not delusional. He may not have enough experience to justify an NFL team using a draft pick on him, but the man is easily one of the most incredible physical specimens I have ever seen.

Terron Beckham wasn’t invited to the NFL Combine because of the aforementioned lack of football experience. However, he was able to get scouts’ attention thanks to the power of social media. And on Thursday the kid held his very own pro day attended by numerous NFL scouts.

How’d it go? Very, very well.

Here’s his bench:

And here’s his vertical:

How’d those stack up to the prospects who actually took part in the combine?

Uh, pretty well.

And Beckham looked pretty impressive in other drills as well:

This man is a beast. I still can’t see anybody actually using a draft pick on him, but he’ll definitely end up in somebody’s camp.

Where it goes from there is anybody’s guess.

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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