Serena Williams Takes Time Out of Her Schedule to Teach Us How to Twerk (Video)

Serena Williams twerk

I’m not entirely sure why Serena Williams is teaching us how to twerk, but I’m not complaining. She looks like she would be an excellent twerker. It doesn’t matter that no one has even said the word “twerk” in like two years. She’s a champion, and she deserves our attention.

Here’s the video:

Is it any surprise that she turns the whole dance into a rigorous academic exercise? Twerking’s not fun, dammit. It’s an athletic feat that must be studied and mastered. Like the Nae Nae!

She actually made this clip while she was bored on the set of some commercial. I hope that she does more ads so that she can give us an entire library of dance moves for our next social event, which should be sometime in 2018.

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