Steph Curry Does the Most Adorable Little 360 Dunk During Warmups (Video)

steph curry

Over the course of the season, there hasn’t been much to criticize about Steph Curry‘s game. But that hasn’t stopped people from trying, and one of the biggest topics of discussion was his jumping and dunking ability.

Here he was in pre-game warmups, throwing down before facing the Spurs:

It’s pretty clear from this video that he CAN dunk, but there are some circumstances worth discussing. For instance, he gets extra points for pulling a 360(ish) dunk, but points penalized because he did that self alley-oop thing instead of going up with the ball.

Let’s settle it: Steph Curry can dunk, but he’s not great at it.

There. Settled.

Now step away from the hoop, Steph, and jack up some crazy 3s for your fans.

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