Elitist Douchebag Yankees Finally Respond to John Oliver Trolling on Stadium Videoboard (Tweet)

yankees respond to john oliver

All week, comedian John Oliver has been trolling the New York Yankees by offering 25¢ front row seats to Yankees games to whoever is willing to dress up like and idiot and make a fool of themselves on television.

Why? Because last month Yankees COO Lonn Trost basically said that the reason they don’t want StubHub to offer Yankees tickets at below face value is because their rich fans don’t want to sit next to poor people. So John Oliver wanted to embarrass these douchebags.

It’s worked. Every sports blog on the internet has covered the issue, posting photos of fans dressed like Ninja Turtles, unicorns, and sharks, calling attention to the Yankees’ elitist philosophy in the process.

On Thursday night the Yankees finally acknowledge the elephant—or rather, the Ninja Turtles, sharks, and unicorns—in the stadium, basically asking Oliver for a truce on the Yankee Stadium message board:

So will John Oliver call off his prank? I hope not. I hope he doesn’t stop until Lonn Trost comes on Last Week Tonight and personally apologizes to every non-rich person in America for implying that we’re not good enough to watch a baseball game with a bunch of rich assholes.

But that’s just me.

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