Adrian Beltre Shows Off Some Hilarious Dance Moves on the Base Path (Video)


Adrian Beltre might be 37 years old, but on Sunday, he was able to show the world that both his legs and his sense of humor were as fresh as ever.

In what looked to be a fake-out on both sides, Andrelton Simmons shuffled to get keep Beltre on his toes during a leadoff at second base, and Beltre responded by getting very much on his toes, offering up a little MC Hammer-type shuffle on the base path to the delight of just about everyone.

Here’s the clip:

And if GIFs are more your thing, we got you covered there with this little number:

I’m not sure that either player really got the jump on the other, but it was pretty damn funny to see Beltre bust out his twinkle toes for no particular reason.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]

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