Watch These Disgusting Baseball Fans Do Unspeakable Things Involving Puke and Butts (Video)

disgusting baseball fans lick puke butt-hats

The 2016 MLB season is only one week old, but some baseball fans are already making the infamous Bills Mafia look like well-adjusted, responsible adults.

Over the weekend, there were two separate instances of disgusting baseball fans licking things that should never be licked. We’ll start in Milwaukee, where one Brewers fan barfed in the bleachers after consuming too many Miller Lites and another Brewers fan licked the barf for $100.

Take a look:


You gotta love the way the stadium employee stands back and waits until the guy licks the puke before he starts cleaning it up. Don’t want to rob him of a Benjamin, right?

Now let’s go to Detroit, where some guy in a Red Wings jacket stole his buddy’s Yankees hat, shoved it into his pants, wiped it on his ass and junk, and gave it back to his buddy…who then licked it, nice and slow, and put it back on his head.



I’m honestly not sure which guy is worse. On the one hand, licking puke sounds way worse than licking a butt-hat. But at least that guy got paid. The butt-hat-licker did it for free.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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