Home Run Trot Fail: KBO Player Hits Ball Out of Park, Trips Rounding Third (Video)

luis jimenez korean baseball home run trot fail

Third baseman Luis Jiménez only had 34 hits in 168 MLB plate appearances with three teams spread out over three seasons. However, in 299 plate appearances in the Korean Baseball Organization last season, Jiménez has hit .312/.344/.504 with 11 home runs and 17 doubles. And this year he’s off to a torrid start, hitting .367/.387/.733 with three home runs through the first seven games.

This is not the first time Jiménez has shown flashes of power. In 2014 he hit 21 homers in just 117 games at AAA Salt Lake. But apparently Jiménez has never perfected the art of the home run trot.

Over the weekend, after hitting a two-run dinger for the KBO’s LG Twins, Jiménez tripped and fell on his face while trotting merrily around the bases. Take a look:

It could have been worse, though. At least Jiménez didn’t flip his bat before tripping and falling all over himself. And at least he doesn’t require an industrial strength 52-inch belt to hold his pants up, otherwise he might have been turned into a GIF that some sports bloggers will do anything to work into a post.

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]

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