‘Instagram Model’ Rachel Bush Screenshots LeBron Jumping In Her DM’s

2 lessons here, Athletes will never learn and screenshots are the devil. Cleveland Cavaliers PF/SF LeBron James is a mega NBA Superstar, so anything he does or says is a big deal especially to the social media community.

While this may look innocent and LeBron technically wasn’t caught saying anything derogatory that would cause his wife to question him, it’s still not a good look.

‘Instagram Model’ or ‘Hot Chick who takes selfies in hopes of a millionaire scooping them up’ Rachel Bush took a Screenshot of King James trying to make it go down in her DM’s.

She really could have kept that to herself, but these **** need attention. No way of knowing if this is legit or not and she just so happens to be at the Cavs game as well.

If you’re just here for the photos of Rachel Bush:

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