Mark Schlereth Uses Jordan Spieth Masters Meltdown to Take a Shot at Cam Newton (Tweet)

Mark Schlereth

Just when you thought the whole world was ready to take a break from bashing Cam Newton for walking out of his post-Super Bowl press conference, former NFL offensive lineman and current ESPN analyst Mark Schlereth had to go and tweet the following after Jordan Spieth‘s epic meltdown at The Masters:

Of course, this comment from Schlereth received quite a bit of backlash throughout the Twitterverse:

Not realizing that he had already made a big enough ass of himself, Schlereth went ahead tweeted this:

Those aren’t Cam apologists, Schlereth. They’re just regular people who have decided to stop dwelling on a press conference that took place well over two months ago. Maybe you should consider doing the same…

And delete your Twitter account while you’re at it.

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