Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippen Congratulate Warriors for Tying Bulls’ Win Record (Video)

phil jackson pippen

When it comes to seeing their own records broken, athletes can be a mixed bag. Most are gracious, understanding that records are, in fact, made to be broken. But some, like the ’72 Dolphins, are about as petty and embittered as you could ever imagine.

Fortunately, it seems like the more outspoken members of the NBA’s record-setting 95-96 Chicago Bulls team are in the former camp.

As the Warriors find themselves one game away from setting the new record for regular-season wins at 73, former Bulls head coach Phil Jackson offered up his support in their chase:

Scottie Pippen also took to Twitter to sing the praises of not just the team, but Steph Curry specifically:


It’s nice to see the old guard so graciously passing the torch to a deserving team.


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