400-Pound Baylor TE LaQuan McGowan Wants to Join the WWE When His NFL Days Are Over (Videos)

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Baylor tight end LaQuan McGowan has every intention of playing NFL football next year. And at 6’7″ and 400 pounds, the likelihood of that happening seems very high.

Still, McGowan isn’t one to sit around waiting for life to happen to him. So he already has a backup plan for whenever his NFL career draws to a close, whether it’s five months or five years from now. And that plan, according to a new interview with SB Nation, is pro wrestling.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I feel like once that’s over with, the WWE is calling my name.”

The Amarillo, Texas, native wants to be a professional wrestler. He’s already talked to a “couple of people” in the industry who “said they might be interested and talked to me a little bit about the process and how stuff works.”

When asked, incredulously, if he was serious about planning this far ahead, McGowan deadpanned, “Yup. I’lllllll do it,” drawing it out for emphasis.

“I’ve watched it on TV. I’ve thought about, ‘What would be something good or something that I would enjoy doing for a decent, for a long period of time?'” he said. “For big guys in the NFL, they really don’t last that long.”

This isn’t a lifelong dream for McGowan. He started thinking about it recently, and he only watched the WWE occasionally while he was growing up. But he sounds determined to give it a try, with one thing left to figure out.

This is not a crackpot backup plan. McGowan might just be the most athletic big man the NFL has ever seen. The guy moves like a cheetah…


And his hands are incredible…

It’s no wonder why Baylor decided to use him as a tight end this year. And it’s no wonder legendary WWE commentator Jim Ross thinks he’s got a shot:

Of course, if McGowan gets drafted or signs as an undrafted free agent, it’ll be as a linesman rather than a tight end.

Personally, I’d rather see him in spandex leopard print smashing heads together.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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