Billy Hamilton With the Fastest Home Run Trot Ever! (Video)

Billy Hamilton Home Run Trot

Billy Hamilton is one fast dude.  Last season he finished second in the Majors with 57 stolen bases, finishing just one stolen base behind league-leader Dee Gordon despite getting on base an astounding 109 fewer times.

When you consider those numbers, as well as the fact that Hamilton was caught stealing just eight times in his 65 attempts in 2015, it’s not a stretch to suggest that the Cincinnati Reds center fielder is the faster player in Major League Baseball at the moment.

So it only makes sense that he would have the fastest home run trot as well, which he does.

According to Statcast, Hamilton actually owns the fastest home run trot EVER after last night’s trip around the bases following a third inning dinger off Jon Lester.

He officially clocked in at a blazing 16.2 seconds, which beat his previous record of 16.5 seconds by just three-tenths of a second.

Why was Hamilton in such a hurry to round the bases? Here’s the explanation he provided after the game:

“I didn’t know it was a home run. If you don’t know it’s a home run, you can’t expect it to be home run when you don’t hit home runs. My motto is, ‘If that ball falls, I’m trying to get an inside the park home run.’ I’m going full speed all the time. If it falls at the wall, I won’t be standing on first base. I’ll be on second or third where somebody has a chance to drive me in.”

Makes sense.

Here’s a look at Billy Hamilton’s record-breaking home run trot:

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