Former NCAA Athletes React To EA Sports Finally Sending Them Checks For Using Their Likeness


EA Sports did just that as they finally started to send money to current and former college football and men’s basketball players for previously appearing in NCAA-branded video games.

Via CBSSports:

“The checks come from the 2009 Sam Keller and Ed O’Bannon lawsuits against the NCAA, Electronic Arts and Collegiate Licensing Company. The likenesses and characteristics of college athletes were used by EA in football and men’s basketball video games without their permission or any payment — and with NCAA officials aware of the use behind the scenes.

The case was settled in June 2014 for $60 million with lawyers receiving 30 percent of the settlement. Now the checks are finally reaching players who made successful claims for appearing in games between 2003 and 2014, when the NCAA video games ended due to the litigation.”

Average NCAA/EA video game check to players is $1,237. High is $7,622 and low is $58. Many of the athletes took to Twitter, excited about their checks:

Former Florida State defensive lineman Travis Johnson:

Former Notre Dame basketball forward Jordan Cornette:

One-time New Mexico State cornerback Darien Johnson:

Former Kansas basketball guard Jeff Hawkins:

Noah Hartsock (BYU basketball, 2008-12):

Channing Crowder (Florida football, 2003-05):

Dan Mulrooney (Boston College football, 2008-10):


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