Nick Young Side Chick Comes Forward with Video, Text Messages (Pics + Video)

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Yesterday Iggy Azalea did a radio interview wherein she threatened to cut off Nick Young‘s dong if he stepped out on her one more time.

“I already said one more video, just one more thing and you will lose a quarter of your meat,” Iggy told Orlando’s Wild 94.1 FM.”

For Nick Young’s sake, let’s hope she meant one more video from this date forward, and that videos shot two months ago don’t count. Because yesterday a woman claiming to be a Nick Young side chick contacted The Shade Room, sending screen shots of their text messages and a video of Nick Young hanging out in a hotel, joking about whether she’s going to “give me some head like you promised.”

The woman’s name is Britt, she lives in Memphis, and she says her most recent liaison with Swaggy P was on February 23, the night before the Lakers played the Grizzlies in Memphis.

The text messages? Well obviously, those could be completely fake:

nick young side chick text messages 1
nick young side chick text messages 2

But the video is definitely real. It shows Nick Young hanging out at the team hotel with some chick that was not Iggy Azalea. Take a look:

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Technically, since this rendezvous occurred in February, it’s not a “new” case of infidelity.

Let’s just hope Iggy sees it that way.

Here are some photos of Britt:

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