There Was an Old Man Brawl at the Phillies Home Opener (Video)

old man brawl at phillies home opener

The Phillies had their home opener on Monday. So obviously a bunch of old dudes christened the new season with a drunken brawl.

I say “obviously” because…well, come on, you know what Phillies fans are like. They’re responsible for some of the most insane fan behavior in the history of sports. If they’re not fighting each other they’re getting plastered in the parking lot, branding each other with spatulas, making lewd gestures at reporters, intentionally puking on little girls, getting toddlers drunk, or just flat out murdering people.

Quite frankly, a simple old man brawl is pretty tame by Philly standards. Given how awful the Phillies are going to be this year, you can expect behavior to get much worse as the season drags on.

Anyway, about this brawl. We don’t know for sure what caused it. Somebody commented on the Barstool Sports Instagram post saying one of the guys was his dad, and that a couple of drunk guys just came up and attacked them for no reason. But who knows if that is true.

All we know for sure is that not one of these guys is under the age of 45, so they’re all way too old for this nonsense. Take a look:

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It’s gonna be a long year at Citizens Bank Park. The Phillies might want to hire some additional security.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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