Sharks Sign Goalie Prospect/Versace Underwear Model Mantas Armalis to Entry Level Contract (GIF)

mantas armalis signs with sharks

The San Jose Sharks signed top free agent goalie prospect Mantas Armalis to an entry level contract on Monday.

Why is that a big deal? Well, if you’re a Sharks fan, the 23-year-old Lithuanian is a nice edition to your team’s depth in goal. He was a standout in the Swedish Hockey League this season, boasting a solid 2.42 goals against average and making some pretty incredible saves.

For everyone else this is a big deal because, in addition to being a goalie, Mantas Armalis is a goddamn Versace underwear model and he’s going to steal our girlfriends.

Yes, ALL of them. Just look at this beautiful son of a bitch:

Donatella Versace once said of Armalis, “Versace needs faces and bodies like Mantas, the strong gladiator-like build and muscular thighs.”

I mean, it’s not even fair. Our only hope, men of North America, is that Armalis realizes that his current girlfriend is way hotter than any of our girlfriends and decides to just leave our girls alone. Because yeah, she is ridiculous.

Bringing my lucky charm into 2014. Happy new year, friends!

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Look what came to Vilnius. Imported straight from Sweden.

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God help us all if they break up.

Hat Tip – [Sporting News]

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