Hero Tigers Fan Catches Five Foul Balls in Single Game, Gives Them All to Kids (Video)

tigers fan catches five foul balls in one game bill dugan

The vast majority of baseball fans have never once caught a foul ball at a game.

On Monday, Detroit Tigers fan Bill Dugan caught not one but five. He had three of them by the top of the second, he caught the fourth in the top of the fifth, and the fifth in the bottom of the eight.

Because he’s not a d-bag, Dugan gave them all to kids in his section. Take a look:

So how the hell did this happen? Here’s Dugan talking about it on ESPN after the game:

Obviously it all starts with the right seats. Dugan, a season ticket holder, sits in section 125 just to the right of home plate, about 20 rows up.

comerica park tigers fan catches five foul balls

Statistically speaking, that location certainly gives you the best shot at catching a foul ball. But there’s still an insane amount of luck involved.

If you sit in those seats all season and try your best to get into position for foul balls, you’re probably going to come up with a bunch over the course of a season. You might even average close to one per game, and occasion you’re probably going to get two or three in a game. Dugan told the Detroit Free Press that he’s got 200 or 300 balls at home and has caught as many as four in a game before.

But five in a single game? Even for a ball hawk with perfect seats, that’s just a freakish anomaly.

Of course, now that he’s famous, Dugan isn’t going to be able to go to a game in peace.

“I have a waiting list of kids,” Dugan said. “The kids are showing other kids where ‘the seat’ is if they want a foul ball.”

Pretty awesome.

Hat Tip – [Cut4, ESPN]

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