Tracy McGrady Tells Vince Carter: “I Wish I Had Stayed” In Toronto (Video)

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images Sport / Getty

This clip definitely won’t make Orlando Magic fans very happy as they hear former Orlando Magic SG Tracy McGrady tell his cousin Vince Carter that he wish he had stayed in Toronto.

That Toronto Raptors team featuring Carter & McGrady was one of the most exciting teams to watch and must-see TV whenever they played. It seems as if they played 5 years together, but it was only for two seasons as McGrady left to play for the Magic on a 6-year contract.

On ESPN’s ‘The Jump’, McGrady began to reminisce about his playing days and he had this to say:

“I wish I had stayed,” McGrady said. “I had grown the two years that we played together, but I know I could have continued to elevate my game and evolve into the player that I became. Even playing alongside him. I regret that I did leave, because Toronto was a beautiful city.”


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