Jameis Winston Reportedly Slims Down after Hiring Michael Jordan’s Former Trainer (Pic + Video)


While working out about this time last year, Jameis Winston was photographed looking a little…chunky.

With his shirt off, he was completing an exercise that had a band around his torso, making him appear to have a pretty noticeable gut. People made fun of him, the Bucs drafted him #1 anyway, and he had a pretty decent, if not exceptional, rookie year.

Now it sounds like he’s using this offseason to get back to his fighting weight, as it’s being reported that he’s down to 230 pounds after hiring Michael Jordan’s former trainer, Tim Grover, for monthly meetings while working on a more regular basis with the Bucs’ strength coach.

The difference isn’t quite obvious, but the new pic at the top of the page does show Winston cutting a slimmer figure for the camera. Here’s a look at the Bucs’ quarterback performing one of his exercises:

It’s a heartening sign for Bucs fans, not just that Winston might be in better shape and more mobile, but that he takes his role on the team as seriously as fans hoped he would.

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