Kobe Bryant Makes Hilarious Face When Asked If Anyone’s Beaten Him 1-on-1 (Pic)


On the eve of his final NBA game, Kobe Bryant sat down with the press to answer just a few more questions while still an active player. Reporters looked back on his career and asked some “fun” questions of the star.

However, what they found fun, Kobe found playfully insulting—like when Serena Winters asked Kobe if any of his Lakers teammates ever beat him in a 1-on-1 game.

He followed up by saying that anyone who was capable of defending him retired years ago, then insinuated just who that person would have been by stating, “If there’s going to be a player that beat me, he retired on that last shot in Utah in ’98.” 

Apparently, Kobe hasn’t really been watching himself play these past few years, but that’s ok. He’s retiring, and we should just give him this.

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