Old Dude (Possibly Santa) Has Sweet Blue Jays Beard (Pic + GIF)

jays santa blue jays beard

So this awesome guy was at the Blue Jays-Yankees game in Toronto on Tuesday night. He was spotted by camera operators and put on TV in the top of the 9th inning. And he inspires so many questions.

For example, who painted his beard? Will that wash out, or is his beard going to stay that way for a few weeks?

Also, is he Santa Clause? Because, well, look, I’m not saying this is Santa Clause. But Canada borders the North Pole, which means Big Red probably is a Jays fan. And this is Santa’s offseason.

Finally, what is Jays Beard thinking about? Is he sad because the Jays are losing?

blue jays beard santa

Is he trying to remember where he parked his sleigh?

blue jays beard santa copy 2

Is he thinking about the inevitable passage of time and what it all means?

blue jays beard santa copy

Who knows! I hope he comes back tonight, though. His Blue Jays beard is awesome.

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