Tamar Baxton Shares Story About the Time She Went on a Date with Kobe Bryant…to TGI Fridays (Video)

tamar braxton talks about date with kobe on the real

With Kobe Bryant‘s historic 20-year NBA career coming to a close this evening in Los Angeles, everyone with any connection to the man whatsoever is sharing their stories about the Black Mamba. This includes the ladies of The Real, which, in case you’ve never seen it, is basically The View only younger, hipper, and with all black hosts.

What did the ladies of The Real have to say? Well, former child actress Tamera Mowry talked about the time Kobe made a guest appearance on her show, Sister, Sister, and how dreamy he was. But that story paled in comparison to that of former R&B singer Tamar Braxton (i.e. Toni Braxton‘s sister), who says she went on a date with Kobe back in the day. A date to TGI Fridays.

Take a look:

Yeah, I’ll admit that wasn’t the best Kobe Bryant story I’ve ever heard. But it’s just funny to think about one of the most famous athletes on the planet stuffing his face with pizza shooters and shrimp poppers.

If you want a Kobe story with a little more detail, check out this one. It comes from a woman who ran into Kobe Bryant on a train at the age of 10 and gave him some career advice…which he thankfully did not take:

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