Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen Congratulate Warriors on 73 Wins (Tweets)

michael jordan and scottie pippen warriors 73 wins

According to urban legend, every year when the last undefeated NFL team finally loses, members of the 1972 Dolphins get together and pop a bottle of champagne in celebration. This urban legend isn’t true, of course. A couple of guys have been known to celebrate the fact that nobody has ever broken their record, but not all of the ’72 Dolphins are douchebags.

Fortunately, the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls have avoided saying anything at all that might give people the impression that they are bitter about the Golden State Warriors’ pursuit of their regular season wins record. Across the board, every member of the ’96 Bulls has been completely magnanimous in speaking about the possibility of the Warriors winning no. 73.

Perhaps that’s because one of their own, Steve Kerr, coaches the Warriors. Or perhaps it’s because they know the success of the Warriors won’t tarnish their superlative legacy. But whatever the case, it’s been nice to see the previous generation be so supportive of the current generation.

Of course, as you surely know, on Wednesday night the Warriors did it. They beat the Grizzlies for win no. 73, officially breaking the record set by the ’96 Bulls.

So what did the ’96 Bulls have to say?

Not all of them have weighed in publicly just yet, but a few have, including Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan. And they took a very congratulatory tone.

Interestingly, both Pippen and Jordan made a point to mention that they look forward to seeing what the Warriors do in the playoffs, thus reminding us that you can’t compare the Warriors to the ’96 Bulls if the Warriors don’t win the championship.

But still, it’s nice to see the old guard keeping it classy.

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